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Abundance and Affordability! When we are talking about affordability it does not always mean reducing luxurious amenities. .

Overview About Platina Terraces

In the heart of Jaipur, lies an oasis where you can smell the fresh grass, hear the birds sing and simply pause for pleasure. Platina Terraces welcomes you in its warm embrace with luxury and style. Located just 10 minutes from the international airport, the building is conveniently close to all that a city has to offer - from its skyscrapers which house leading Fortune 500 companies to its fashionable malls, golf courses, cafes and entertainment centres.

We make life here, Larger than life

The only place better than heaven is a private heaven. An urban lifestyle is usually equated with stress, conflict and chaos. We have created a place where these demons can melt away for the wings of the angels to spread into your life. Take a look.

Viewing Tower

Bedazzled by the mesmerizing view as the sun rises and the music of your soul swells the sight, sound and feel of your surroundings would be a treat to your eyes. The Viewing Tower with a cafeteria is on a grand height so as to treat you with an even grander view of our grand city.

Club 21

Our exclusive world-class club with its ultra-modern architecture is designed such that the structure beautifully blends in with its surrounding landscapes. Sheltered pathways from every tower lead to the centrally located clubhouse at the heart of the project. Equipped with a full range of sports, wellness and recreational facilities, it will be teeming with leisure activities that cater to both individual and group needs.


It's All in the Details! These plans have been intelligently designed to make sure we not only cover your urban needs in the present, but also pay attention to what you may require in the future.

Master Plan


Vastu Compliant

Value For Money


Negative Space

Modern Design Layout

Construction in Progress



Jaipur has found a new prime destination and you can be at the top of it. Just 3 minutes away from Mansarovar and next to the best schools, hospitals, malls, restaurants, business centres, etc. these residences are well connected to all the arterial roads, having state-of-the-art infrastructure along with ample space and authority focus for world-class development, making it a shinning star.



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